Astros move out of Minute Maid, head to Spring Training


by Daniel Gotera / 11 Sports

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 6:19 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 10 at 7:17 PM


HOUSTON - Moving day is always tough. Well, try doing it for a whole baseball club and the task is monumental.

"It just keeps going and going and going," said equipment manager Dennis Liborio. "We take more stuff down there and there are more players than ever before, but it’s all good."

Good is exactly what the Astros are hoping to be in 20-11, but it’s no secret; that, will take some heavy lifting.

"We need our guys to be hitting on all cylinders, literally hitting on all cylinders," said Astros general manager Ed Wade.

After a 17-34 start to 2010, Brad Mills and the guys finished strong, helped by an infusion of young talent which the team is hoping steps up again this season.

"Young players don’t come with guarantees," said Wade. "There are no guarantees that they will move in the right direction, but I do think we have the right mix here."

What the Astros won’t have is a proven veteran, at least in the eyes of everyone but Wade.

"To me, a veteran doesn’t need to have 10-15 years of service on the back of his bumble-gum card to be a veteran," said Wade. "I think he is the guy that figures out that he belongs here."

This, for the next month and a half, will be in sunny, 75 degree, Kissimmee, Florida.

"It’s very good," said Liborio. "I’m looking forward to it."