San Antonio woman pepper sprayed in ongoing dog poop dispute


by staff

Posted on December 9, 2011 at 10:39 PM

SAN ANTONIO -- Candice Singh says the feud started three years ago when she caught her neighbor tossing dog poop into her yard.

Ever since, Singh said there have been rocks thrown, more poop tossed,  vandalism, spit and numerous calls to police. But officers could do very little, since they lacked proof that any of Singh's allegations had actually occurred.

Then Singh installed surveillance cameras, which caught the latest confrontation on tape. Singh hopes it will also be the last.

On Tuesday, Singh said she was sweeping the poop out of her yard and into the street outside her Joseph Phelps home. Video from a surveillance camera shows neighbor Leticia Rodriguez walk up to Singh with a broom in hand. But Rodriguez wasn't only carrying a broom. She was also holding onto a can of pepper spray.

Surveillance video shows Rodriguez spray her neighbor right in the face.

"It burned," Singh said. "I could not breath. I was immediately throwing up."

Then Rodriguez put her broom to work.

"I couldn't see, and she's still sweeping poop on me while I'm in pain from the mace," Singh said. "And she got it in my mouth, also."

Rodriguez was arrested after police were shown the video. Her husband said Singh has made threats against their family, but declines to elaborate.

Seeing police outside the homes on Tuesday was nothing out of the ordinary, according to neighbors.

"There was cop cars and fire trucks and everything out here," said neighbor Eric Traugott. "I just assumed it was something between them because there's cop cars at least once a week if not more."

Singh said she has put her house up for sale and doesn't care if she loses money on the property.