Road rage leads to street fight near the Galleria


by Kenneth Ware Jr. /

Posted on September 24, 2013 at 5:40 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 24 at 5:40 PM

HOUSTON -- A case of road rage near the Galleria ended with one driver in handcuffs on Tuesday afternoon.

It all started on the Westpark Tollway with a run-in between people in a pickup truck and a van.

"I wish I would have told my boss man to chill the [expletive] out,” said John Rodriguez.

According to Rodriguez, he was driving on the HOV lane with his boss David and another employee headed to complete a job when they noticed a van with two guys inside who started making trouble.

"We was on the HOV lane and this dude got mad for no reason,” Rodriguez said. “I guess when he got a chance to pass us up he threw something at the truck right here, and so the boss man chased him down.”

"This was a just a big misunderstanding,” David said. “Maybe I should have called the police instead of taking it into my own hands."

In the middle of Sage near Richmond, all five men got out to brawl.

"I ain't gone lie, I threw a couple punches,” Rodriguez said.

A deputy held everyone at gunpoint and officers later handcuffed and questioned all five men.

Everyone was let free except for David.

"I believe I'm going to jail," David said.

Police said he'll face a misdemeanor charge for criminal mischief.