Residents say their Woodlands' homes built on fault lines are falling apart


by staff

Posted on August 26, 2013 at 11:13 PM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 28 at 10:50 AM

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Some residents in The Woodlands say their homes are falling apart because their homes were built on fault lines.

A year after moving into a half million dollar home in The Woodlands, Dennis Colvin noticed something was “not right.”

Colvin assumed it was a foundation issue.

"Major cracks right there up each side here," Colvin said. “It is just a house full of cracks."

Colvin spent more than $75,000 on repairs.

"I just keep repairing everything as it breaks,” Colvin said. “There is a lot of money spent doing that."

A geologist told Colvin his house was sitting on a fault line.

The land has pulled his house apart. It now drops nearly seven inches from the front door to the back door.

"You can feel it,” Colvin said. “When you walk in here you are walking uphill."

Geology experts said that these fault lines can be notoriously difficult to find. Dr. Don Van Nieuwenhuise specializes in finding these types of faults.

"You can't stop them,” Nieuwenhuise said. ”If you have identified one you have to stop building on them."

There are now several faults identified in the Woodlands and 17 homeowners, including Colvin, were suing The Woodlands Development Corporation over what is under their homes.

"Now I have an appraised value of $33,000," Colvin said.