Daring rescue: Floodwater washes child downstream


by James Muñoz / KENS 5


Posted on June 10, 2010 at 11:42 AM

Updated Thursday, Jun 10 at 11:49 AM

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas -- One person died in the flooding in New Braunfels. So many others were rescued in the nick of time.

One story involves an 11-year-old little girl separated from her family trapped in the rampaging Guadalupe River.

Retired firefighter Craig Kneuper had suffered extensive damage at his home along the Guadalupe River. He and his wife were about to evacuate when they heard someone needing help.

Upstream, the child had been separated from her mother and father. The family from Lubbock had been camping at Waco Springs when a wall of water washed them away. 
Luckily she was wearing a life vest and traveled for about 5 miles down the river before being seen. Around 6:15 a.m. Wednesday Kneuper and his wife heard the 11 year old's screams.

Outside in the swollen Guadalupe River Kneuper and his wife watched as the child was being carried away by the rushing water.

Kneuper wasted no time. He  jumped into the torrent and brought the child to safety.

The girl's mother was rescued from a tree; her father was injured and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Kneuper and his family have severe damage at their home. They are worried about looting so they'll keep someone at the house around the clock.