Perry headlines GOP Lincoln Dinner in New York


by Jeremy Desel / KHOU 11 News

Posted on June 15, 2011 at 12:21 AM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 15 at 12:32 AM

Hours before his speech, Perry admitted the pressure to run was growing.

"You going to run?” a reporter asked Perry as he was getting into a limo in New York.

“I'll probably run in Central Park," Perry replied.

Perry spoke before a group of New York Republicans in Donald Trump's place.

“He is known for saying ‘You’re fired,’ I’m known for saying you’re hired in Texas,” Perry crowed, touting the biggest selling point he has is job creation in Texas.

"My personal favorite reason to leave the Lone Star state is to visit a company and try to convince them to move their headquarters back into the state of Texas," he said.

It was a busy day for the governor, who appeared earlier on Fox News and was asked again about his White House aspirations.

Perry is being pressed to run.

The latest pressure comes from a group of Arkansas State Legislators who wrote a letter of support to Perry.

There are even some some high-profile democrats on the record, like former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

"There's a vacuum for somebody, with even a half-decent economic record, on the Republican side. If you're Mitt Romney, or you're Tim Pawlenty, you're not going to walk out there and talk about what Massachusetts, or Minnesota has done economically under your stewardship -- because quite frankly, it's not that impressive,” he said. “So I could see how this dangled out would be, would be something that a Rick Perry or somebody else would want to jump into."

But what seems to be playing well in the big city is not so impressive to some back in Perry’s home state.

"I thought that he wasn't going to talk about the presidency until after the legislature,"  Sen. Mario Gallagos, of Houston, said. "Budget, or education or children -- you don't put that on cruise control while you are somewhere else. You should be here. He is the Governor."

As Perry visited New York, meanwhile in Texas, the Senate worked into the evening debating the so called “sanctuary cities bill,” the one pressed to the special session agenda by Perry.

Gallagos was one of those working late.

“This issue is one of his emergencies," he said. "He is the one that calls the shots. I thought he was here."