National Adoption Month: Houstonians share their adoption stories


by Lisa Hernandez / KHOU 11 News

Posted on November 28, 2011 at 6:55 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 28 at 7:01 PM

HOUSTON – November is National Adoption Month. Currently, there are 7,000 kids in the Houston area in foster care, and nearly a third of them are in need of permanent homes.

KHOU 11 News anchor Lisa Hernandez met with two local families who’ve opened their hearts to new faces they now say they can’t live without.

Adam Blair and his wife adopted their daughter, Kinsley, and later twin boys, Elias and Alec.

"There was just something in our hearts that said this was right. We really believed this was something God wanted us to do," he said.

Though they were able to conceive naturally, they still chose adoption as their "Plan A."

"That’s why we adopted, to give them a future, to give them hope and to show them that, you know what, you do matter! You matter in this world and we need you," Blair’s wife, Randi Blair, said.

Derrick and Robin Espey adopted their three kids after learning they couldn’t conceive.

Devin, their first, was adopted as a baby. His twin sisters, Isabella and Sofia, were adopted three years ago. That made for three 10-year-olds under one roof!

"Devin prayed for a long time to have some sisters. Little did we know he was gonna have sisters that were his same age!" Robin Espey said.

She admitted that the adoption process was lengthy, but said it was worth it.

Both the Espeys and the Blairs went through the DePelchin Children’s Center for their adoptions.

The process began with basic informational meetings.

"The next step is attending training, so it’s a variety of classes required by the state for families to take and pass. And after they complete that, they go through the home study process," DePelchin Program Coordinator Atasha Kelley-Harris said.

That process includes background checks and, eventually, waiting for a child to be placed.

"I really feel happy that this is the last family I’m going to," Isabella Espey said.

And that feeling is mutual.
"Adoption is not for everyone. But if it’s something you’re considering, it’s so worth the wait. It is such a joy to have these kids in our home," Robin Espey said.