La Porte mother faces jail time over pet pig


by Tiffany Craig / KHOU 11 News

Posted on October 28, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 28 at 11:15 PM

LA PORTE, Texas -- A La Porte mother is ready to go to jail to try and keep her pet pig.

"I want to show my boys not to give in over fear or to do something you know in your heart that's right," said Shawnda Cash.

Cash fell in love with the Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig when it was very young and weighed just a few pounds.

"When I first got her, she was a little bit bigger than a soda can."

Most neighbors in the Fairmont Park area seem to have no problem with the pig that lives inside and goes out to use the bathroom.

"She's just like a dog pretty much but she's a pig," said Jada Brantley.

One neighbor complained.

It turns out, since their La Porte home sits on less than an acre, the city says having her is illegal.

"I just feel like we're homeowners," Cash said. "We don't create problems why should it be their decision."

Cash was cited by the city and ordered to pay a fine.

She couldn't really afford the fine on a waitress's salary and didn't believe it was fair so she didn't pay it. Then she missed a court date and a warrant was put out for her arrest.

"I've never been to jail," Cash said. "I honestly am very nervous. I'm really hoping that the judge will come in and see me and hear what's going on, realizes it's ridiculous that I'm in jail."

She was planning to turn herself in, but a lawyer met her in the parking lot of the La Porte jail and convinced her not to turn herself in. Instead, she will ask the court to reset her case.

Cash plans to fight to change the ordinance in homes that her not-so-little piggy, always has a home.