Friendswood police release suspect sketch of burglar in attack on teen in shower


by staff

Posted on March 6, 2013 at 12:01 AM

Bougainvilla Lane in Friendswood

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HOUSTON – Friendswood police have released a sketch of the burglary suspect in the attack of a 15-year old-girl last Tuesday.

“I counted nine police cars,” said neighbor Walter Pinkston, snapped a photo on his cell phone of all the commotion.

All the units were responding to an address in the 16100 block of Bougainvilla Lane.

Officials said a man kicked in the back door to burglarize the house, but then tried to attack a 15-year-old girl who happened to be in the shower.

“I can’t even think what was going through her mind,” said Pinkston.

The high school student was able to meet with a sketch artist and describe her would be attacker. He’s described as a black male, with a thin build, 5’8’– 5’9”, in his late teens or early 20s, with short hair, stubble on his chin and a deep voice.

The girl told police the suspect said that he had a gun.

The girl was able to safely get away. The suspect fled to the nearby Heritage Parks subdivision and escaped. The girl’s mother said the burglar ran off with the family’s laptop.

Another neighbor, Barry Gray said, “There had been two incidents.”

Friendswood police are trying to see if this burglary is connected to another one a few blocks away on the same day.

“Just try to use common sense and be a lot more careful,” said Gray.

The Grays have lived on Bougainvilla for nearly four decades. They say folks really look out for each other, even a young neighbor who didn’t recognize the Gray’s grown son.

“He told his babysitter and they called police and checked it out,” said Gray.”They were afraid we’d be mad at them. I said ‘No!’”

The Pinkstons have lived in the town for three decades, and are sorry their newest neighbor has had such a difficult time.

“They just moved into neighborhood,” said Pinkston. “That’s the other part of it, you’re brand new. Welcome to the neighborhood.”

Anyone who recognizes the suspect should contact Friendswood police at 281-996-3300.