Facebook users can hide no more; Dropcam goes pro


by Doug Delony / KHOU 11 News & AP

Associated Press

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 12:05 PM

HOUSTON -- Facebook is getting rid of a privacy feature that let users limit who can find them on the social network. Also, Dropcam is out with a 'pro' version of its popular security webcam.

== Facebook privacy setting change ==

Facebook Inc. said Thursday that it is removing a setting that controls whether users could be found when people type their name into the website's search bar.

Facebook says only a single-digit percentage of the nearly 1.2 billion people on its network were using the setting, however.

The change comes as Facebook is building out its Graph search feature, which people often use to find people they know - or want to know - on the site.

Facebook, which is based in Menlo Park, Calif., says users can protect their privacy by limiting the audience for each thing they post about themselves. Go into your settings and make sure your content is not set for public viewing.

In addition, users will still be able to ban individuals from contacting or finding them.

== Dropcam Pro ==

Dropcam is bringing live HD surveillance video to your web browser or mobile device. The new Dropcam Pro, $199, is a wireless video camera you can mount anywhere in your home or office.

The Pro version is an upgrade from previous with improved video and audio quality.

Dropcam is a popular solution for consumers because it's fairly simple to set up. In addition, a "talk back" function allows users to let their voice be heard in their home if they're watching someone break in over the video feed.

You don't have to subscribe to the service, but for $10/month you can access your video feed 24/7 over the web, and Dropcam will record it like a virtual DVR. If something happens, you'll get a mobile alert, and you can review the video from your mobile device.

Click here for more from Dropcam's website.

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