College Station shooter showed love for weapons on Facebook


by Jeremy Desel/ KHOU 11 News and Staff

Posted on August 14, 2012 at 6:28 PM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 14 at 6:43 PM

On his Facebook page, College Station shooter Thomas Caffall made it abundantly clear how much he loved weapons.

Witnesses to the shooting Monday afternoon in which Caffall fatally shot two people before being killed by police, say that he was using a VZ-58 rifle.

Last year, Caffall announced the purchase of that gun on the social media site.

"Picked it up today," he said of the rifle on June 7 of last year.

The gun came from an online dealer called Czechpoint-USA, based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Cafall said he bought it for $799, with no tax, and no shipping.

Virtually any gun--especially a rifle like this—comes with federal paperwork and a background check. So even if you buy it online, it has to be shipped to a local dealer.

That’s what appears to have happened in this instance because in another post, Caffall says the online seller even paid the fee to transfer the gun to the local dealer. He did not say who that dealer was.

That gun was not his only weapon, though. In a Facebook album, Caffall showed off a Russian Mosin Nagant rifle in various stages of refinishing.

He said he restored the 80-year-old gun himself in May 2011.

Caffall didn’t just love guns; he also loved the people associated with them. His most admired people listed on Facebook include a who’s who of gun lore—Colt, Browning, Kalashnikov. They’re not just gun makers, but famous snipers as well.

The list includes Finnish shooter Simo Hayha who is credited with killing more than 500 Soviet soldiers. He also preferred the same Russian rifle owned by Caffall.