40,000 lbs. beef tripe spills on road after 18-wheeler, train collide in north Houston


by KHOU.com staff & Malini Basu / KHOU 11 News


Posted on August 22, 2012 at 1:05 PM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 22 at 2:34 PM

HOUSTON --  A train crashed into an 18-wheeler Wednesday morning in far north Houston, just west of Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Views from Air 11 showed the train split the big rig into two pieces and left its load of 40,000 pounds of beef tripe scattered on the road.

The accident shut down the intersection of E. Hardy Road at Rankin Road for a few hours.  

Two other vehicles, a work truck and  a car, were struck by flying debris and part of the busted rig's trailer.

Trucker Ron Streep blamed the collision on a pickup driver.

"I had no indication there was a train coming. I had a green light, I started across, started to make a right-hand turn," Streep said. "As I started to make my turn, the pickup truck got right in front of me and wouldn’t allow me to make my turn."

But the pickup driver had a different story.

"I don’t know what happened with the driver of 18-wheeler," said Ariel Sanchez. "I have no time to open the door and go out."

"I was waving at him to back up and that’s when I heard the whistle. I looked in my rear-view and that’s when I saw the arm come down," Streep said. "I’m waving to him, ‘Go back, go back,’ and he’s sitting there looking at me."

Seconds later, the freight train slammed into Streep’s big rig and pushed it into Sanchez’s truck.

"I couldn’t go backward or forward and I just had to hold on," Streep said. "It didn’t hurt my truck at all, but it tore the hell out of that trailer."

Amazingly, no one was hurt. So far, no charges have been filed in the crash but the investigation continues.

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