Sorority's souvenir booklet causes big delays at Hobby Airport

Thousands of Hobby Airport passengers got stuck in long lines and many missed their flights after a major misunderstanding. Souvenir booklets given to sorority sisters at their annual convention here resembled explosives on the monitors so TSA workers had

HOUSTON – It was a frustrating day at Hobby Airport. Travelers were surprised to find lines out the door at the passenger drop-off.

"We stood in line for three hours in the heat." traveler Cassandra Tomes said.

"And there were lines, I mean all around the corner, wrapped around the corner," traveler Angela Greene said.

Many, like Tomes, missed their flights because of the unexpected wait.

"The flight is gone. We won't be leaving until 9:30 tonight not to get into Indianapolis until 1 o'clock in the morning and I have to be at work at six so I'm not happy," Tomes said.

"Now they're telling us that they can't get us out tonight," traveler Vernandi Greene said.

Many of them were Delta Sigma Theta Sorority sisters leaving town after their annual convention in Houston.

"We had a large group with a large number of bags to be checked and because of a certain item in those bags there was additional screening necessary," said Bill Begley with Hobby Airport.

A spokesman for the airport says the sorority members were apparently given thick booklets at the convention that could be mistaken for explosives when packed into checked bags. The booklets forced TSA officials to hand check most of the luggage.

"Our souvenir booklet, apparently it's too thick and because of all the colored photos in it, it appears to look like some sort of plastic explosive," Tomes said.

That slowed down the process for hundreds of passengers.

"Obviously, TSA is worried about safety first and so they were merely doing their job of telling the regulations and doing what they had to do," Begley said.

"I'm sure they were doing their best that they could, but it just wasn't enough it wasn't enough," Tomes said.

Airport wait times:


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