Catching suspects on the 'Deep Web'

A look into what exactly is the 'Deep Web' and how law enforcement catches criminals on there.

HOUSTON- The arrest of Cary Lee Ogborn, after he was caught on the Deep Web trying to buy explosives got us wondering: what is the Deep Web and does law enforcement catch criminals there?

University of Houston assistant professor Chris Bronk said  the Deep Web is part of the normal everyday web but the information there is not searchable on Google. Instead, a special web browser is needed in order to enter.

"You're basically looking at a clandestine market place for anything from drugs to people to services to other nasty substances including explosives," Bronk said.

The Deep Web is also much larger than you think.

"The alley with which to find things is global in nature and never has there been such great selection for illicit things to get," said Bronk, adding though that a big, hidden portion of the web is not all bad. "The Deep Web is a repository of intelligence information as well."

For example, Bronk said it could host a server the company you work for uses.

The bottom line, according to Bronk, is that there are people who hold the keys to some of the bad parts. It's just hard to know who the gatekeepers are.

"If you don't have any reason to go out on the web for illicit services or substances or whatever I would try and stay away from this," he said.

Bronk said policing the Deep Web is now a crucial part of what the FBI and the entire intelligence community does.

He believes this is left to federal investigators because local agencies don't have the manpower to do so.

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