HOUSTON – The hot weather is in full effect here in Houston and nowhere is it more evident than at Houston Texans training camp.

Head coach Bill O'Brien was asked on Sunday about how it's affecting practice.

The response was pretty simple.

"I mean, it is Texas. It is hot, whatever. These guys are doing fine," O'Brien said. "We're not expecting an Alaskan cold front to come in wiping through here. We're out there and we're going. We're practicing. We go out there every day with the mission of getting better."

On Saturday, 2nd year rookie DJ Swearinger had to leave practice for a short time with cramps despite getting two IV's before the work-out.

Offensive tackle Duane Brown said on Day 1 that he can lose "10-12 pounds" during practice.

"You have to really force yourself to drink a lot while you're out here, drink a lot while you're away from the field and just try to stay hydrated as much as possible," Brown said. "It's hot out here, but you know it makes us tougher."

Toughness will be needed as the Texans will wear full pads for the first time on Monday.

"We don't really worry about things we can't control. We can do nothing about the weather. All we can control is what we do and what we know and how we produce on the field and how hard we play and what type of condition we're in," O'Brien said. "How hard we're studying and working and all those things. With all due respect to the question, that is not anything that we think about."

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