HOUSTON -- Loyal fans lined up bright and early Wednesday to get a glimpse of their favorite Texans players practicing alongside the Atlanta Falcons, in preparation for Saturday's preseason game.

Even if you were able to snag a free ticket, a place to stand and see all the action was hard to find. And as it was just a preseason game, it's difficult to forget about the loss to the Cardinals.

"It was a tough loss and it was not good to see no numbers on the score board but Texans fans are forever," said fan Tania Nunez.

It doesn't get more loyal than that.

"We're Texans. Gotta support a home team. That's why we are here. Win or lose," said Gabriel Miranda, a Texans fan.

Win or lose the fans are watching and having fun, playing games and eating all the good food. But all the fun doesn't come without some advice for their home team.

"We didn't do enough from the offense and make enough plays and get in the in zone enough," said one fan.

A young girl was trying to catch a glimpse of the players on the field, hopeful for this coming season.

"I think they can do better than what they did," said Evelyn Nunez.

Another fan is hoping the changes will bring success.

"We just started off this year with a new system, with a new program. So I think they will be alright," said a fan.

And it's these fans that will stand by their team from preseason blunders and training to game time.

"Don't listen to the naysayers and play from your heart," said Andi Barton, a loyal fan.

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