Hillary Rodham Clinton most recently served in President Obama's Cabinet as secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Before that, she represented New York in the U.S. Senate from 2001 to 2009 and campaigned for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, losing a closely contested race to Obama. Clinton was first lady from 1993 to 2001 during the presidency of her husband, Bill Clinton.

Latest news:

• March 2015: Clinton avoids e-mail flap in EMILY's List speech

• March 2015: Q&A: The Clinton e-mail flap and 2016

• March 2015: Clinton aide: State Department e-mails preserved

• February 2015: Hillary Clinton to tech: Inclusivity is must have

• February 2015: Clinton backs Philly's paid sick leave

• February 2015: Obama bundlers slow to back Clinton super PACS

• February 2015: Axelrod: Hillary has to 'run like an insurgent'

• February 2015: Clinton backs vaccines for kids in tweet jabbing Christie, Paul

February 2015: For Hillary Clinton, 2008 provides little help for 2016

• January 2015: Clinton said to consider delay of campaign announcement

• January 2015: Clinton maintains big lead in new Iowa Poll

• January 2015: Bill Clinton jokes about his title if Hillary were elected president

• January 2015: Chelsea Clinton mum on Hillary in 2016: 'I'm waiting, too'

• January 2015: Biden: There's 'a chance' I will challenge Clinton

• January 2015: Hillary Clinton tweets support for Obama's economic view

• January 2015: More Hillary Clinton documents set for public view

• January 2015: Clintons, Rosie Perez make case for Dem convention host cities

• January 2015: 4 in 10 adults hope for Madam President

• January 2015: Priebus: Bill Clinton's personal life is 'fair game' in 2016

• January 2015: Podesta: Clinton would draw differences with Obama

• January 2015: Rubio on Clinton: 'Nothing more than a third Obama term'

• December 2014: Hillary Clinton again leads Gallup's list of most admired women

• December 2014: Poll: Christie no match for Hillary Clinton in N.J.

• December 2014: Michele Bachmann is ready for Hillary

• December 2014: Hillary Clinton: Data drives progress for women

• December 2014: Millionaires pick Hillary Clinton over Jeb Bush for president

• December 2014: Bridgegate, 'dead broke' Clinton among notable quotes for 2014

• December 2014: Hillary Clinton: Criminal justice system 'out of balance'

• December 2014: Hillary Clinton inspires a country music video

• December 2014: Obama, Hillary Clinton catch up in Oval Office chat

• December 2014: Some Latino fundraisers throw support to Clinton

• December 2014: Mia Love on Hillary Clinton in 2016: 'Nope'

• November 2014: Hillary Clinton to raise money for Mary Landrieu's runoff bid

• November 2014: Howard Dean: On Hillary as the 'inevitable nominee'

• November 2014: Ready for Hillary: Any day now

• November 2014: 2016 race may be 'very tight,' Ready for Hillary leader says

• November 2014: Hillary Clinton coloring book coming soon

• November 2014: Voices: For the Clintons, the past is not even past

• November 2014: Hillary Clinton announcement in mid-January?

• November 2014: Clinton backers, Democrats gear up for 2016

• November 2014: Where's Hillary? Clinton does 45 events for Democrats

• October 2014: Hillary Clinton to campaign for Mary Landrieu

• October 2014: Hillary Clinton clarifies comments on job creation

• October 2014: Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama to stump for Udall in Colorado

• October 2014: Hillary Clinton to campaign for Kay Hagan in North Carolina

• October 2014: Hillary Clinton stumps for Grimes in Kentucky

• October 2014: Report: $50,000 travel tab for Clintons at Steak Fry in Iowa

• October 2014: Is this Hillary Clinton's biggest fan?

• October 2014: Young voters like Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan in 2016

• October 2014: Bill Clinton: No loose lips while Hillary thinks about 2016

• October 2014: Granddaughter Charlotte makes way into Hillary Clinton's speech

• September 2014: Hillary Clinton urges donors to elect Democratic Congress

• September 2014: Hillary Clinton: Turn elections into women's movement

• September 2014: Capital Download: Bernie Sanders on challenging Hillary

• September 2014: Pro-Clinton super PAC plans November strategy meeting

• September 2014: 7 things Clinton achieved at the Harkin Steak Fry

• September 2014: Why Bill Maher would bet on Hillary but 'consider' Rand Paul

• August 2014: Hillary Clinton: Nation can do better than unrest in Ferguson

• August 2014: Rand Paul labels Hillary Clinton a 'war hawk'

• August 2014: Howard Dean moves from Hillary Clinton skeptic to 'huge' fan

• August 2014: Hillary Clinton heading to Iowa for first time since 2008

• August 2014: Paul Ryan on Hillary Clinton: Formidable — and beatable

• August 2014: Watch: Frank Underwood pranks Hillary for Bill Clinton's birthday

• August 2014: Obama, Clinton break bread at private party

• August 2014: Hillary Clinton talks of Obama's 'cautious' foreign policy

• August 2014: Surprise! Hillary shows up on 'Colbert Report'

• July 2014: Hillary Clinton expresses 'regret' for 'dead broke' comment

• July 2014: Hillary Clinton jokes about Darth Vader for president in 2016

• July 2014: Gov. Patrick: 'Air of inevitability' about Hillary could turn off voters

• July 2014: Hillary to Rubio: 'Every election is about the future'

• July 2014: Would Hillary skip 2016? She talks about what might stop her

• July 2014: Hillary Clinton urges Europe to get tough with Russia

• July 2014: Hillary Clinton quips about offices with 'fewer corners' to Jon Stewart

• July 2014: One pro-Hillary super PAC raises no money — by design

• July 2014: Ready for Hillary raises $2.5 million

• July 2014: Hillary Clinton on political dynasties in America: 'Anybody can run'

• July 2014: John McCain: 'I respect Hillary Clinton'

• July 2014: Why Hillary Clinton didn't say her Iraq vote was a mistake

• July 2014: Clinton: Supreme Court contraception ruling 'deeply disturbing'

• June 2014: Hillary Clinton cops to being 'inartful' about her wealth

• June 2014: Bill Clinton on Hillary and wealth: 'She's not out of touch'

• June 2014: Bill Clinton: I'm just a 'bit player' in Hillary's 2016 decision

• June 2014: Clinton and wealth: How rich politicians made us scratch our heads

• June 2014: Hillary Clinton: Her family is not like the 'truly well off'

• June 2014: Poll: Clinton's negatives rise — but not among Democrats

• June 2014: GOP ad to rip Clinton's 'dead broke' comment

• June 2014: Rahm to Hillary: 'Dead broke? Really?'

• June 2014: Hillary Clinton's poll numbers slipping

• June 2014: Hillary Clinton seeks to clear up 'dead broke' comment

• June 2014: 5 takeaways from our interview with Hillary Clinton

• June 2014: 2016 landscape more welcoming for women, Clinton says

• June 2014: Hillary's book: From Iraq to 2016, five key passages

• June 2014: 50 years of Hillary in the headlines

• June 2014: Hillary Clinton defends millions earned in speaking fees

• June 2014: Clinton book covers Bergdahl, Benghazi, Iraq but not 2016

• June 2014: Putin slams Clinton: 'Better not to argue with women'

• June 2014: Hillary Clinton's dilemma: Living in the moment or White House bid

• June 2014: Not-yet-candidate Hillary Clinton to hold town hall event

• May 2014: Obama: Hillary would be effective president

• May 2014: Obama lunches with Hillary Clinton

• May 2014: Hillary Clinton's book tour may preview future campaign

• May 2014: Watch: Hillary Clinton explains what's in her memoir

• May 2014: Hillary Clinton: Book explains America can still lead

• May 2014: ABC News snags first Hillary Clinton book interview

• May 2014: Yes, Hillary Clinton is running ...

• May 2014: Bill Clinton 'dumbfounded' by Rove's take on Hillary's health

• May 2014: Karl Rove tempers Hillary 'brain damage' speculation

• May 2014: Mike McCurry says he's betting Hillary will not run in 2016

• May 2014: Rahm Emanuel backs Hillary Clinton for president

• May 2014: Clinton on Benghazi committee: No need for it but Congress calls shots

• May 2014: Palin: Hillary Clinton could 'open her eyes' on abortion as a grandma

• May 2014: Lynne Cheney: Is Hillary behind Monica Lewinsky story?

• May 2014: First Take: A preview of Hillary's campaign in 2016?

• May 2014: Virginia Sen. Kaine endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton for president

• May 2014: Clintons, Paul and Sanders among best political tweeters

• April 2014: Caroline Kennedy: 'I hope' Hillary Clinton runs for president

• April 2014: Hillary Clinton urges action against human trafficking

• April 2014: Clinton in new book: 'All of us face hard choices'

• April 2014: Why Hillary Clinton's grandchild shouldn't matter

• April 2014: Duck! Clinton, Bush, Blair learn about flying footwear

• April 2014: Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton at Vegas speech

• April 2014: Hillary Clinton memoir out on June 10

• April 2014: Pro-Clinton super PAC raises $1.7 million

• April 2014: Hillary Clinton memoir out on June 10

• April 2014: Hillary Clinton: 'Double standard' for women is 'alive and well'

• April 2014: Hillary Clinton's picture with Pussy Riot goes viral

• April 2014: Bill Clinton copies Hillary meme in Twitter pic

• March 2014: Clinton/Kimmel selfie no match for Ellen DeGeneres

• March 2014: Hillary Clinton talks all-nighters, memoir titles

• March 2014: Romney slams Obama, Clinton 'failure' in foreign policy

• March 2014: New Clinton documents released

• March 2014: Clinton leads Christie and other GOP hopefuls in Iowa

• March 2014: 50% in Iowa say Clinton should run for president

• March 2014: Hillary Clinton: Putin's tactics like Hitler's before WWII

March 2014: Guessing Hillary's age: 57% in poll correctly say she's in her 60s

March 2014: Poll: Hillary Clinton gains respect, likability for 2016

• February 2014: Documents detail Clinton's role in husband's presidency

• February 2014: Most Dems want Clinton to run in 2016, but GOP lukewarm to Christie

• February 2014: Ky. governor says Clinton could win Bluegrass State in 2016

• February 2014: McCain says Clinton would win presidency if election were now

• February 2014: Bachmann: No 'pent-up desire' for female president

• February 2014: Petraeus: Clinton would be 'tremendous president'

• February 2014: Hillary who? Gov. O'Malley doing 'tough work' for 2016 bid

• February 2014: Hillary Clinton sends joking tweet about Fox during Super Bowl

• January 2014: Rusty driving skills? Hillary Clinton last got behind the wheel in 1996

• January 2014: Wal-Mart heir, Hollywood director among Clinton backers

• January 2014: Clinton super PAC begins Iowa outreach

• January 2014: 'NYT Magazine' cover 'Planet Hillary' on Clinton sparks buzz

• January 2014: Key Obama ally joins Clinton presidential effort

• January 2014: Pro-Clinton super PAC builds new leadership

• January 2014: Pro-Clinton super PAC raises $4 million in 2013

• December 2013: Gallup: Obama, Hillary Clinton again most admired

• December 2013: Hillary Clinton on 2016: I'll let you know next year

• December 2013: Quinnipiac poll: Christie tops Clinton with Iowa voters

• December 2013: Feinstein: Hillary would be 'transformative' president

• December 2013: Hillary Clinton may affect campaigns far ahead of 2016

• December 2013: Ryan, Clinton viewed favorably in latest Iowa Poll

• December 2013: Obama lauds both 2016 aspirants: Clinton and Biden

• December 2013: Hillary Clinton recalls Mandela as a 'giant among us'

• December 2013: Hillary Clinton to receive yet another award

• December 2013: A PAC by any other name? Questions raised about groups

• December 2013: Democrats not named Clinton also eye presidential bids

• November 2013: Politicos get into Black Friday shopping spirit

• November 2013: Poll: Clinton leads Christie in early look at 2016

• November 2013: Book: Aides studied Clinton-Biden switch

October 2013: Book: Obama asked Clinton to stay another year

October 2013: Book: Obama aides weighed dumping Biden for Clinton

October 2013: Prominent Democrats join Hillary Clinton bandwagon

October 2013: Clinton campaigns in Virginia

October 2013: No special treatment: Hillary Clinton gets ticket

October 2013: Hillary Clinton knocks 'sorry state' of politics

• October 2013: Clinton to 'think seriously' about 2016 bid — next year

September 2013: CNN, NBC cancel Hillary Clinton film projects

• September 2013: Should Hillary run? Palin, Pelosi disagree on Clinton

• September 2013: Hillary Clinton: 'I'm not in any hurry'

• September 2013: Federal investigators question Clinton campaign aides

• September 2013: Hillary Clinton backs Obama to seek approval on Syria

• August 2013: Iowa Democrats worry Clinton might snub them

• July 2013: Half of Clinton super PAC's money comes from 24 people

• July 2013: Hillary Clinton finds converts on Capitol Hill

• July 2013: Major Democratic donors join pro-Hillary super PAC

• July 2013: Axelrod: Clinton likely to be 2016 nominee

• July 2013: Hillary Clinton: $200,000 per speech

• July 2013: Hillary Clinton gets a Little Rock library

• June 2013: Pro-Hillary Clinton group sells 2016 campaign swag

• June 2013: Clinton: Woman president would send 'historic signal'

• June 2013: Sen. McCaskill backs Hillary Clinton presidential bid

• June 2013: Hillary Clinton sends her first tweet

• May 2013: Republican PAC attacks Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

• May 2013: Pelosi says she prays Hillary Clinton runs

• May 2013: EMILY's List begins campaign for 'Madam President'

• April 2013: Poll: Clinton top Dem choice for president, GOP split

April 2013: Hillary Clinton urges empowerment for women

April 2013: Carville asks for donations to Hillary Clinton group

April 2013: Hillary Clinton book on State Dept. tenure out next year

April 2013: Super PAC ready for Hillary Clinton in 2016

• March 2013: Hillary Clinton endorses same-sex marriage

January 2013: Analysis: Could Clinton's Benghazi comments live on?

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