TARRANT COUNTY -- The case against a Colleyville mother charged with helping students vandalize a neighbor's house two years ago has been dropped after she agreed to apologize and pay for the damages.

Tara Mauney, 43, was charged with felony criminal mischief after the incident on July 25, 2012, when a home was vandalized with toilet paper, mustard, peanut butter and raw chicken. Initial damages were estimated at $6,000.

If convicted, Mauney faced up to two years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

The Tarrant County District Attorney's Office said Thursday that Mauney agreed to pay $1,900 in restitution for the damages. She also wrote a letter of apology to the homeowner, who asked that the case be dismissed due to the children involved.

"The victim requested this case be dismissed," prosecutor Mark Thielman said. "A trial would have involved the testimony of child witnesses both for the State and the Defense. The victim has made clear to us her desire to spare all of the children from the rigors of testifying. It was never her goal to make her neighbor a convicted felon for this immature incident. She requested only that the defendant behave as we hope adults would—that she apologize and that she make restitution. Today, Ms. Mauney has completed these conditions and we have dismissed the case in accordance with the homeowner's wishes."

Last year Mauney turned down a plea bargain which would have given her probation, claiming she was innocent and shouldn't be punished for taking the kids to Walmart to buy toilet paper.

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