HOUSTON -- By now, you've probably heard of the heroic Yorkie who saved his owner's 3-year old grandson from an attack by his neighbor's dog. Ezio, the 11 lb. Yorkie, jumped in front of a dog roughly 10 times bigger than him when the dog tried to attack Gavin, the owner's grandson. Ezio was picked up by the larger dog, held by the neck and shaken repeatedly. He has since undergone at least $5,000 worth of vererinary care and is receiving 24-hour 'round the clock speciality care from his owners.

Here is an update from Ezio's Facebook page. The status was posted on July 26 and is the most recent written update on Ezio's condition:

Today I feel the best I've felt in weeks. I have a ton of energy and am standing some time with my fur family. I love and miss them so much. They are happy to see me and licking my face. I'm eating the food the mommy got for me. No more baby food. Yay! I've been swallowing fine. No coughing or choking. No more potty accidents either. I go to the neurological specialist on Monday. I will also have blood work and staples removed. If my blood is good I won't have to have blood transfusions. If all goes well I may try a physical therapy session to check out my improvements.
Thank you for caring about me and being there for me. Without you, I wouldn't be in such great spirits and on the road to recovery.

The cost of giving Ezio a chance at walking again is $10,000, and his family is accepting donations through a GoFundMe account. Donations can be made here, and you can also donate towards the long-term care of Ezio through PayPal at

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