HOUSTON -- Andy's Hawg Wild Barbecue restaurant in Pasadena is tucked away on a quiet residential street, but folks flock to it even though it can be hard to find.

The owner, Andy Cook, built the restaurant on a lot he owns next door to his home. He said it was all he could afford.

Cook said he really does not know how to cook so he hires talented staff to do it.

"I'm not a good cook, but I'm a good taster," he said with his trademark hearty laugh.

After he opened his place at 2826 Dedman Street four years ago, word-of-mouth spread and the lines grew.

"I eat here every day for lunch," said Heather Ramirez.

Many diners live in the neighborhood or work at nearby refineries and factories.

"We're fast, especially at lunchtime. We're fast," said Cook's daughter Kim who helps run the place. They have to be to manage the lunch and dinner crowds which result in lines nearly out the door.

Andy is originally from Tennessee. Pork is big there so it is prominent on the menu. His brisket is also popular, as well as desserts like pecan cobbler.

Andy's Hawg Wild is something of a tourist attraction.

"I've had people stop here, say from California and Alaska and Colorado," he said.

If you go, take a big appetite because portions are big and everybody goes "Hawg Wild."

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