HOUSTON -- The Original Mexican Café on Market Street in Galveston's historic East End serves one of the best quesadillas in the area.

It is the spinach and chicken quesadilla. The guacamole and charro beans are also excellent.

Galveston police officers eat there regularly, giving credence to the belief that officers always know the best places to eat.

"That's true," said Capt. Byron Frankland of the Galveston Police Department. "Police officers know where all the good restaurants are."

However, he said it is a myth that police officers always eat free.

"No it's not true," he said. "We don't."

The Original Mexican Cafe has been open in the same spot, 1401 Market Street, since 1916. Some diners have been eating there since they were children and many remember how the place looked back in the day.

"You could come in through that door," said diner Yolonda Biggers, pointing to a waiters' station. "There used to be a door there."

The current owner, Nicholas Servos, belongs to the family that started James Coney Island restaurants. He bought The Original Mexican Café several years ago.

"It's a hidden gem. Not a lot of people know about it," Servos said.

The restaurant's office manager has worked there 51 years. "Ms. Della" Salas started as a waitress and still loves talking to customers.

"Telling about the menu and talking to them about whether they're tourists or not," she said.

Sadly, she has been dealing with health issues, but hopes to return soon to the restaurant where she met her husband 47 years ago, and the place where both her sons now work also.

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