HOUSTON – A 6-year-old girl was killed when she was struck by a vehicle on a busy north Houston roadway, police said early Wednesday.

According to officers at the scene, a car struck Deja Unique Francisco in the 500 block of West Little York just east of I-45. It happened after 7:30 a.m. as the girl made a quick trip to a nearby fast food restaurant with her older brother.

Workers at the Burger King said it wasn't uncommon for the young victim and her 8-year-old brother to stop in for Icees.

The pair stopped in before school Wednesday and were on their way back to their apartments across the street when the little girl apparently ran ahead and was hit by a car heading westbound.

Her big brother, who's 11, saw everything.

"The car had came fast and it just hit her and then she flew. She flew," Thaddeus, the victim's brother, said. "She had screamed my name and then she just fell on her head."

A worker at the restaurant said the impact was so loud, you could hear it from inside. She ran out to the road and then called the child's mother.

The young siblings' mother said she was getting ready for work at the time.

Deja attended Texas Serenity Academy. The first-grader loved to draw and play with her brothers, most of whom are much older. But she was especially close to the one who was with her when the car hit her.

"That was her last words to him, 'Junior help me,'" Gregory Woodard, the victim's brother, said.

A staff member heard the accident and said all she could do was pray.

"Call on Jesus, ask about the baby and make sure the baby was OK and everything and console the little boy because he was crying," said the restaurant worker.

Police said a man in a Mitsubishi was trying to get around a slower vehicle when he hit Deja.

"The judge needs to deal with him in a whole new way, you know?" Kendric Francisco, a brother of the victim, said.

Police are looking at surveillance tape to determine if the driver will face charges.

Deja's father said he spoke to his little girl on the phone this morning. Her words still ring in his ears.

"'Hello Daddy, I love you. I miss you.' And I told her the same thing. I love her and I miss her too and I told her I was gonna pick her up."

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