HOUSTON – Neighbors are definitely relieved after one man was able to stop a robber dead in his tracks and hold on to him until police were able to get here and arrest him in southeast Houston.

It had been three times too many for neighbors living on Berry Street after a robber repeatedly targeted this apartment complex.

The landlord's son — who lives in the back house – decided to take matters into his own hands."I realized that somebody broke into the house again and stole the air conditioner," said the landlord's son "Mike."

"They don't know understand who they messing with so I said I'm gonna stay up cause I know they gonna come back. So I started circling the block, circling the block, circling the block," he said.

This after the suspect had already knocked on a woman's door asking for money. When she told him no, witnesses say he came back a few hours later and tried to get inside.

"It's scary to know that people just started robbing you and I'm waiting for him to come to my place. I figure they were gonna try me too because they don't care," Jessie Hannibal, a neighbor, said.

That didn't work so the suspect went next door to the vacant apartment, but he didn't get very far.

"I grabbed him and I said well we gonna call the police and he tried to put up a fight with me," Mike said.

He kept the suspect pinned to the ground until police arrived and arrested him.

"I feel better that they got him. I'm just nervous and tired from not sleeping," Hannibal said.

Now people can sleep a little easier thanks to a man determined to stop the suspect.

"Once you disrespect my mom, and you taking my mom's stuff and you breaking into my mom's house, nah," Mike said.

No one was hurt but police do believe there may be one other suspect involved.

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