HOUSTON, Texas -- The Yates High School band marched into Delmar Stadium Saturday night with 8 of its members missing.

They sat this game out in protest of what they claim are old and worn out band uniforms.

"Some of them are ripped, others are molded and some can't even be worn," said band member Ross Steward. "We deserve better."

Students complain that the Yates band uniforms are 10 years old.

While the marching band played at halftime, protesting members sat in the stands in silence, wearing all black.

The Houston Independent School district says Yates spent $30,000 this year on instruments and new uniforms just were not in the budget.

The school has given band members "alternate" uniforms to wear instead of the traditional band gear.

"Sometimes you have to do a silent protest to get things one," said Houston City Council member Jack Christie. "They did a good job at it and it tugged at my heart."

Christie came to the game and gave the band a donation for new outfits. He's hoping others in the community step up to do the same.

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