HOUSTON -- A bus left behind a handful of middle school students who were forced to walk a mile-and-a-half home on the first day of school.

It happened Monday at Spring Forest Middle School in the 14200 block of Memorial Drive.

"Like scary," said Julian Cramer. ""There was traffic."

Julian's mom, Stacey Cramer is still waiting for an explanation from the school.

"I know they have practices in place, they just didn't deploy it today," said Stacey Cramer. "It didn't happen and kids got sent off campus unattended and unaccounted for."

Julian told us he did what he was told. He sat in the cafeteria and waited to hear his bus being called but never heard anyone say #5.

"She said bus five is long gone, I guess you're just gonna have to walk home," recalled Julian. "So, we had to walk home"

Julian claimed one of the students even has a leg disability and they had to walk through two major intersections.

Stacey Cramer said the children managed but it was hot.

"One kid had ten dollars in lunch money for the week and bought them all Gatorade at the halfway point," she said. "That's sad. It really is sad"

The district says it spent the final period of the school day to teach students about bus dismissal but it "regrets to hear that several Spring Forest Middle students walked home earlier today after apparently missing their bus. The safety and security of all children are our highest priorities."

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