LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas -- Two women were taken to the hospital after a large tree limb crashed into their Tarkington home late Monday.

It happened off FM 2518 in Liberty County as storms passed through Southeast Texas.

The family that lives at the home said the limb went around a chair one of the women was sitting in. The roof then collapsed.

The wife and daughter were taken to a medical center in Kingwood and are expected to be okay. Their husband and father was uninjured.

Other trees fell in the area and blocked roadways until a volunteer crew could come through and cut them out of the way.

In the Spring area, another home suffered damage when a tree crashed into the roof of a home on Brookchase. The homeowner said it was hailing shortly before the tree fell. No injuries were reported in that incident.

In Houston, a big tree branch fell on Bolsover near S. Shepherd, blocking off the street.

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