SAN ANTONIO -- The city of Houston gave the green light to ride sharing companies Wednesday such as Lyft and Uber by signing off on a new set of transportation rules and Dallas may do the same later this week.

San Antonio city council appears to be more receptive to legalizing ride sharing but still expresses many reservations.

Ride sharing companies got a boost of support from far northwest side Councilman Ron Nirenberg to operate in the city.

But his colleagues expressed concerns that Lyft and Uber would not be regulated enough and gut the business of long established taxi operators.

"And the way people pay for vehicle for hire. It's not the same level playing field," Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales said.

Safety of riders remained a top concern.

"I've heard from constituents in some parts of town that they would be concerned that there's going to be equal access from any service that's provided to various parts of town as well," Mayor Ivy Taylor said.

San Antonio Police, on July 29th, presented the city's transportation advisory board with a recommendation to permit ride sharing in the city. The Board unanimously rejected the recommendation.

SAPD has yet to present the drafted ordinance to the public safety committee. The presentation was postponed till next week.

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