HOUSTON --The Houston Airport System is building a new parking garage at Hobby Airport that will add an additional 3,000 parking spaces.

The new garage will open by late 2015 along with the new international terminal.

Airport officials say the garage will feature a number of enhancements to make things easier for passengers -- including parking sensors and special lights directing people to open spaces.

But until the work is done, drivers will have to put up with a major parking crunch. Hobby Airport is seeing a record number of flights and passengers, and that means fewer places for people to park.

On busy days, particularly mid-week, airport officials want passengers to consider leaving their cars at home.

"Please have a friend drop you off," said Liliana Rambo of the Houston Airport System. "If you really must bring your vehicle and you are running out of time, valet park."

The airport is also asking people who are picking up passengers to wait in the cell phone lot rather than park in the garage.

Something Myesha Harry might do next time she picks up loved ones.

"It's always hard looking for a parking spot," she says. "You just drive around until you find [a spot], sometimes it takes 30 minutes.

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