THE WOODLANDS, Texas – The three-story closet, and the woman behind it that made international headlines, turned into a crime scene over the weekend.

"You feel violated," said Theresa Roemer. "I sat and watched this person on the film just ravaging my home."

In just 40 minutes, a lone burglar snatched all the purses, jewelry and watches he could carry. All together it's up to a $1 million score.

"It's an atypical home burglary," said Lt. Brady Fitzgerald, with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department.

It's unusual because it happened in a highly secure, gated community in The Woodlands. And there's no record of anyone unusual checking in at the gate.

"He used a glass cutter," said Roemer. "This guy was professional."

So professional that deputies have little to work with.

"They targeted exactly what they wanted and did it very cleanly," said Fitzgerald.

"There's no evidence, no fingerprints, nothing," said Roemer. "Police were here till four in the morning, and nothing, no evidence."

But he was captured on home surveillance cameras. Police say that those so far are little help. He even managed to acrobatically maneuver around those.

"He's wearing a jumpsuit, gloves, he's covered," said Fitzgerald. "It's very difficult to identify him just from the video itself."

They plan to release the footage soon. So far deputies say they have no suspects. And since the story went viral, there are millions who could have targeted Roemer's closet.

"They told me that this guy could have seen it on the news and Google earthed my home and just scoped it all out," said Roemer.

Detectives say it's too early to rule out anyone.

"It could have been someone who watched the show and targeted it or someone with internal knowledge of the residence," said Fitzgerald. "We just don't know yet."

Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,000 reward for information that helps lead to an arrest in this case.

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