HOUSTON—Cleanup efforts are underway after about 100 vehicles were flooded at a midtown Houston apartment complex early Friday.

Heavy rains moved through the city in the early-morning hours. Residents who weren't awoken by the thunder and lightning were surprised to find their vehicles partially submerged.

Tenants of the Calais at Courtland Square apartments said this isn't the first time water has pooled on the first level of their parking garage, but Friday morning's flooding was much worse.

Dozens upon dozens of cars and trucks were flooded on the bottom level of the garage in a liquid that looks more like sludge than water.

Management reportedly told residents to file incident reports with them and then call their insurance.

As some residents are missing work, others are having to rethink their plans.
One woman said she was visiting her son here from out of state and that her submerged SUV was full of wedding gifts for his wedding shower, which was supposed to take place tomorrow.

"It's terrible. It's terrible. Now the goal is try to get up to that truck and take a look inside? Oh my gosh, I can't believe it," Annette Harrison said.

"These kinds of things don't happen often, so you know I can't be super mad at somebody, can't place blame on somebody, it's just an accident," Logan Theriot said.

Residents said they pay $50 a month to park in the garage and it is assigned, so many didn't have the option of parking on that higher, drier level.

Hours after the garage flooded a crew arrived to pump water out of the garage.

The garage flooded as bayous and creeks filled overnight. The worst of the rain hit around 2 a.m. and cleared out by 4 a.m., but the damage was already done. Dozens of motorists were stranded along flooded roadways in midtown, along BW-8 North at 59, and 59 at Beechnut.

High water in parts of Humble also cut off access to roads and flooded some businesses.

Photos: Flooding across Houston overnight

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