MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -He s charged with murdering a prominent Iranian-American activist.He s suspected of killing his son-in-law less than a year later.Now Ali Irsan may have another death coming back to haunt him.

Last month the Jordan native was charged by the U.S. Attorney with defrauding Social Security for decades.

In the meantime the Harris County District Attorney revealed that Irsan had been indicted for murdering GelarehBagherzadeh, an Iranian-American medical student and outspoken critic of human rights abuses in Iran.

Now the KHOU 11 News I-Team has learned that the Montgomery County Sheriff s Office has re-opened its investigation of the 1999 shooting death of Amjad Alidam, also a son-in-law of Irsan.

He s a sweet guy and he don t have any problems with nobody (sic) ,said Alidam s best friend Mustafa Salih.

An Iraqi immigrant, Alidam married Ali Irsan s eldest daughter, reportedly against Irsan s wishes.

One month later, Alidam was shot dead inside Irsan s home.

According to his death certificate, Alidam entered a home under threat with a weapon...owner of home shot decedent in the chest.

Irsan claimed self-defense and was cleared in the case.

But for 15 years, Alidam s friends and family have had their doubts.

I knew Amjad and he s (my) best friend.I never seen him carry a gun, Salih said emphatically.

Now, citing new information, the Sheriff s Office is taking another look at the shooting.

For justice to be served, you re-evaluate, you re-look at and that s exactly what we re doing in this case, said Lt. Brady Fitzgerald of the Montgomery County Sheriff s Office.

Investigators won t say what that new information is or how long it may take them before their work is done.

But those close to Alidam believe they may finally learn what really happened inside Irsan s home 15 years ago.

It s like the happiest day ever, said Salih. Because he (Irsan) did wrong. He did something wrong.

Mark Diaz, Irsan s attorney told the I-Team he wasn t aware of the new development and has not had a chance to discuss it with his client yet.

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