HOUSTON -- An internal investigation of the Houston Police Homicide Division could end up sending shockwaves throughout the department.

That s what Houston Mayor Annise Parker said a day after the I-Team broke news that sloppy police work may have compromised multiple murder cases. The allegations, according to 11 News sources, focus on some homicide investigators not working up cases properly, or not at all.

I-Team: What does that do for the public trust, faith and confidence in the police department?

Mayor Parker: It destroys it, there's no other nice way to say that.

Multiple sources tell the I-Team that the scope of the internal affairs investigation covers at least dozens of homicide cases--some dating back several years--and that so far, at least two homicide detectives have been re-assigned.

Parker said investigating the loss of human life is the most important job a police department does..

A homicide investigator, that's the elite of the police department, those are the guys who have risen out of the pack, Parker said.

The Mayor wouldn't comment on details of the investigation until HPD's internal probe is complete. But Parker said anytime officers are accused of failing to do their job duties, it's cause for concern.

Obviously if it's the homicide division that would be a greater level of anxiety and concern, Parker said.

HPD Chief Charles McClelland did not comment on the internal investigation,, other than to say it's an examination of investigative procedures at the homicide division.

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