MISSOURI CITY, Texas – This week the KHOU Neighborhood Eats spotlight shines on Hoggs N Chicks at 8817 Highway 6 in Sienna Plantation in Missouri City. They pack the crowd in with favorites like the Pig's Delight sandwich. It is pork loin, shaved ham, bacon and eggs.

The food at Hoggs N Chicks is fun, a lot of it is fried and all of it is fresh. Many ingredients come from a farm right down the road on Highway 6. The chef is from France. So how did he get to Houston? Love!

"Met my wife in New York," said Chef Frederic Perrier, "so she was born and raised in Houston so we moved here."

His business partner is a local dude who grew up in Crosby.

"I like southern cooking and southern food and grew up with a blue collar mom cooking with a black iron skillet," said owner Roque Baecker. "We kinda' put a southern fried with a French twist, is kinda' the saying to it."

Everything on the menu is tasty and they serve beautiful salads but don't come in looking to count calories. There are too many temptations—like the pig out fries. They include Hoggs N Chicks hand-cut, fresh potato fries, piled with pulled pork, bacon and homemade queso.

The funny name Hoggs N Chicks represents all the pork and all the chicken they serve. The owners call the place a shack but it's not really. It's in a very nice strip center with comfortable, clever décor. There are funny signs everywhere, even on the floor. Prominently displayed on the wall is a sign that reads: You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you!

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