HOUSTON -- A woman pushing a baby down a sidewalk was hit by a stray bullet after a robbery in the Houston Heights neighborhood.

Police say it all started when masked robbers barged into the Paradise Smoke Shot on Yale Street around 10 Wednesday morning.

Neighboring business owner Jamie Reed went in to say hello to his friends in the store when he walked in on a robbery.

"Next thing I knew, there was a pistol pointed at us," said Reed. "I just stayed calm and tried to stay still."

The robbers got away with cash and other items from the business.

According to police, an employee attempted to follow the suspects as they left. The suspects then opened fire near the corner of Harvard and Yale, about two blocks from the initial robbery scene.

"I could hear the bullets," said contractor Robert Garcia, who was working on a house nearby and saw the suspect's vehicle come speeding through.

"There were three guys in the front and one in the back," said Garcia. "The one in the back was shooting."

Garcia says it appeared the robbers were aiming at the employee who was trying to follow their vehicle, but instead hit a woman walking on the sidewalk and pushing a stroller.

The woman was shot in the leg and transported to the hospital. The baby in the stroller was not hurt.

Police are reviewing the smoke shop's surveillance video to determine if the suspects can be identified.

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