LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas - Robbery suspects impersonating deputies raided a home and put pillow cases over the homeowners' heads, according to police.

Around 4:30 a.m. Sunday, a couple who lives on FM 2830 South called the Liberty County Sheriff's Department wanting to know why the Sheriff's Department had raided their home. Police, not recognizing the incident, reported to the home to investigate.

The couple reported that their door was kicked open by two male subjects dressed in black clothing and black mask as well as what appeared to be police type gun belts, boots and gloves. It was reported the "uniforms" had a Sheriff's Department styled shoulder patch and some type of badges were displayed on the clothing.

Both suspects had hand guns and kept yelling "…Liberty County Sheriff's Department…. get on the floor…". A pillow case was placed over their heads but they were not bound or tied up. The suspects demanded to know where they kept the money and after they were told, the suspects escaped the scene with a suitcase containing approximately $6,000, a shotgun and a .22 revolver. No vehicle was seen.

The couple said they were trying to identify the suspect while looking through the pillow cases.

The only physical description given on the two suspects was by their voices. They are thought to be one black male and one white. No other description was obtained by the victims.

If anyone has additional information on this case, they are asked to call the Liberty County Sheriff's Department at (936) 336-4500.

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