HOUSTON – A manhunt had to be conducted in northeast Houston Friday morning to find an armed robbery suspect.

Police said the man had kidnapped a businessman and ordered him to go to the ATM.

It all started In the 15000 block of Lee Road at a noodle business. The owner told KHOU 11 News that early in the morning a man walked in, held a gun to his head and took $700 from him.

"I thought, that's not a real gun," said "David," the victim who asked not to be identified.

Thinking the gun was fake may have given the victim courage to make a bold move.

After robbing him at his place of business, the victim said the gunman then ordered him to drive his van to an ATM but on the way, the business owner spotted an HPD officer on patrol. The victim said he swerved his van into the path of the officer's patrol car in a desperate attempt to get the officer's attention.

The victim stopped on the side of the patrol car and started yelling.

"I run to him and I say, 'He got a gun!'" David said.

Police said the robber then pointed his weapon, which may have been a pellet gun, out the passenger side window at the officer. Before the officer could draw his gun, the robber jumped from the van and ran into a nearby complex, police said.

The manhunt at the complex on Vickery at North Beltway 8 lasted a couple hours and included officers on the ground, in the air and K-9 units. It was a rude awakening for lots of folks.

"I was in here sleep. I went to go visit my mom. I have no idea where he's at," said Gary Hickerson.

A source told KHOU 11 news authorities eventually found the suspect. No word on whether he was armed at that point.

Back at the victim's business, he said the bandit not only took his cash but his sense of security and peace of mind.

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