HOUSTON -- Houston Police Department officers nabbed a smash-and-grab robbery suspect just a few minutes after the incident.

Police said at about 3 p.m., a robber came into the shop located on Telephone Road just south of the 610 Loop, smashed a jewelry case and grabbed a couple of items. Authorities said the man was not armed and ran out on foot. He was picked up on Chaffin Street, less than half a mile from the scene.

The EZ Pawn closed down temporarily, waiting for their loss prevention people. Customers were put on hold for a bit including Julio Frias.

"Hopefully they didn't grab my stuff. Yeah I just have some glasses," Frias added, "Yeah, yeah it's crazy out here. The struggle is real. The struggle is real."

HPD: EZ Pawn Smash-and-grab suspect quickly arrested KHOU

Signs indicate there is security video, but it did not deter the robber.

HPD was still looking for the stolen jewelry – maybe four pieces--- near where the suspect was arrested.

No one was hurt during the robbery.

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