HOUSTON -- A 15-year-old boy risked his own life after chasing a burglary suspect Wednesday afternoon in Spring.

It happened around 1:30 p.m. on Misty Brook Bend Court in Spring.

Marquesha Little woke up from a nap when she heard someone rummaging through her stuff downstairs.

"While I was upstairs in my bedroom, somebody just broke into my house," said Little. "They came in through my back door and walked out through my front door like it was nothing."

Little's 15-year-old son Michael and her daughter were away buying food.

"We were at Whataburger and my mom called and said are you in the house," said Michael. "Then she was like somebody is in the house. So we came home."

As the siblings were driving home, Michael spotted the suspect and chased after him. The suspect and the teen were scuffling at a vacant house blocks away. A neighbor came out with a gun.

"The next door neighbor had him and my other friend on the ground," said Michael. "He said get on the ground before I shoot. My sister said don't shoot" said Michael.

"He came out with a gun," said Shaquoheya Jackson, Michael's sister. "I said please sir, do not shoot, we are just trying to get the suspect who stole from our house."

Shaquoya and Michael said the neighbor shot at them at least two times. The neighbor was seen picking up the gun a short time later.

"He aimed it, like pow, then we burned off," said Jackson.

In the end, brother and sister were able to help catch the suspect and get their stuff back. But they were very shaken up.

"I'm thankful my brother is still alive," said Jackson.

But mom is not happy with how that neighbor handled the situation.

"These are my children and you try to take their life, who are you, you're a nobody," said Little.

The neighbor is not facing any charges.

Michael said the burglary suspect is someone he used to be friends with. Officers believe the suspect is also responsible for other burglaries in the area.

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