HOUSTON -- A 17-year-old boy shot his 16-year-old girlfriend during an argument in far southwest Houston late Tuesday, police said.

The shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. on Heatherton Hill at Regal Oaks, Houston Police Department officers said.

Cheryl Sirls said she had no idea that her granddaughter was in danger Tuesday night.

"We didn't hear anything," she said.

Sirls had been downstairs at her home on Heatherton Hill Lane while the 16-year-old was upstairs in a bedroom with her boyfriend. Police said they were fighting.

"During that argument she was shot one time," said Lt. Larry Crowson, with the Houston Police Department. "She was transported to Ben Taub."

The boyfriend then left only to come back a short time later with his father.

Yet the most surprising twist was the teen's upbeat demeanor. He appeared to be grinning from the back of a patrol car at news cameras.

Raw video: Teen taken into custody after shooting

On Wednesday neighbors shook their heads.

"We really need to watch our children and try to monitor who they come in contact with," neighbor Sharon Barefield said.

Police said the victim should recover. Her boyfriend has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

It is still not known what the fight was about or how the gun got into the teen's hands.

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