HOUSTON – A dog who disappeared Monday after a burglary at a home in West Houston has been found safe and returned to her family.

The brazen break-in in happened in broad daylight in the 9600 block of Richmond Avenue. Police said the thieves kicked open the front door and the victims came face-to-face with the suspects just after they returned home.

Dog disappears after burglary in West Houston

The victims and their 2-year-old pet Chihuahua named Hope chased the thieves as they took off with a bag stuffed with jewelry, coins and other household items.
The victims caught up with one of the suspects near a gas station about a block away.

They fought with him and held him there until officers could arrive, but they realized that Hope got lost along the way. The family posted flyers and shared their story with KHOU 11 News on Monday.

Then on Monday night a woman who saw a flyer posted turned Hope in to a veterinarian, who contacted the owner Tuesday morning.

"I was so excited," Hope's owner said. "I'm so happy that they found her and that she is OK."

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