HOUSTON -- It's been six months since an entire family -- a couple and their two children -- were found murdered inside their Cypress-area home.

The two boys were Titus and Timothy, both Boy Scouts who loved to eat pizza. They were found shot in the head, right next to their parents.

"Something evil, something horrible when someone has it within them to murder two innocent children," said Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

Six months to the day their bodies were found, the Sun family's grisly murder remains unsolved. The killer, or killers are still out there.

"I hope there's not one day you can sleep, rest, or eat in peace knowing you are the murderer of these two innocent children," said Garcia.

The tragedy rocked the community, shook it to its core. No one understands what possibly could have happened inside the home, why and who?

"That's our job to try and figure out what happened that night," said Sgt. Felipe Rivera.

The sheriff's department is asking for the public's help. They need tips. On Wednesday, investigators pleaded in Chinese and English for the community to call Crime Stoppers.

"We need information that connects the dots," said Garcia.

Investigators say the case remains active. In six months, they've revisited the crime scene, re-canvassed the neighborhood and re-interviewed friends, but learned little about the Sun family's personal life.

"In this case, we just don't know," said Rivera. "That's the hardest part, the victimology."

Clear Channel billboards remain up across the state in 17 markets, including Houston. Investigators are hopeful the $70,000 reward and a family photo catches the eye of someone who can crack the case.

"A beautiful family was stolen from this community," said Garcia. "It's only a matter of time before we will arrest you."

If you have any information, you're asked to call CrimeStoppers at 713-222-TIPS, the Harris County Sheriff's Department or the Houston office of the FBI.

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