HOUSTON -- Houston Police say the gut instincts of three sisters helped to quickly apprehend a home invasion suspect in southwest Houston.

The intruder reportedly broke into the home on Amblewood Drive through a back window.

It happened around 4:50 p.m. on Tuesday.

The sisters, ages 18, 14, and 5 were home alone when it happened. Their parents did not want their names published or their faces shown on television.

"I was like, let's go. Let's go hide," said the 18-year-old. "We just ran. We didn't say nothing"

The 14-year-old activated the alarm, and the three girls then ran up into the attic. That's where the 18-year-old called 911.

"I was like, there's someone in my house," she explained.

Houston Police responded immediately.

Responding officers made entry into the home because they knew the girls were there by themselves. According to police, the suspect ran out the back door as officers were coming in.

"They kept saying, stop, stop, stop, and they opened fire and shot him," said witness Joanie Beamon. "He was like, ah, someone help me. I'm dying."

Witnesses watched the suspect running through backyards and then onto the street. He was eventually cornered in a driveway.

"The officer was like, you're stupid! I don't know why he was reaching, so I shot him," said witness Ari Love.

Police say the underage criminal ignored repeated commands made by officers to stop and put up his hands. At one point, police allege, he reached into his pocket and pulled out "something shiny."

It turned out to be a cell phone stolen from the home. Investigators also allegedly recovered a bag of stolen jewelry.

"Officers have to make those split second decisions. Whenever someone is digging into their pockets, when they're told to show their hands, it puts the officer on high alert," said Houston Police spokesman Victor Senties.

Witnesses told KHOU that it sounded like five shots were fired. The suspect was struck at least once on the lower portion of his body, possibly his leg.

He was transported to Memorial Hermann Southwest and is expected to be OK. Police say he is a juvenile, but his exact age has not been released.

Houston Police have identified the officer who fired as Michael Contreras. He is a two-year veteran of the force.

Contreras is now on routine paid administrative leave.

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