HOUSTON - Jurors sentenced Harlem Lewis to death for killing Bellaire Police Corporal Jimmie Norman and Terry Taylor, an innocent bystander.

The jury met for 13 hours over the course of two days weighing whether Lewis was still a threat behind bars and if he deserved to die.

He killed two people including a police officer on Christmas Eve 2012. Jurors convicted him of capital murder.

When Judge Mark Kent Ellis read the jury's sentence, Lewis, 23, sank into his chair.

Then, Corporal Norman's daughter read a letter written to Lewis by Norman's widow. In that letter, she called Lewis a "coward" and "evil person."

Taylor's widow then took the stand, looked Lewis in the eye and spoke.

"You ruined the lives of three families: mine, the Normans and your own," she said. "You were brought up better than this. It was your choice to go into crime. Now, you have to take the consequences of that day. I feel really sorry for you. But, I haven't seen any remorse. May God be with you. You have a short time now."

Lewis' lawyers said their client is sorry.

"He felt it," said Tyrone Moncriffe, one of Lewis' lawyers. "(Lewis) seems to feel what (the victim's families) were going through. We (his attorneys) did. We couldn't help but identify with these people. They had such a horrible loss and destruction in their lives that can never be replaced.

"I feel very relieved we do not take the death penalty lightly," said Devon Anderson, the Harris County District Attorney. "I truly believe Harlem Lewis is a danger to anyone who comes across him whether it be on the streets or in prison."

Anderson called the jury's verdict important for peace officers because it proves their prosecutor has their back.

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