SAN ANTONIO -- A retired U.S. Army Special Forces staff sergeant who lost both legs to a roadside IED received a custom-designed motorcycle.

A foundation providing for soldiers and their families, the Matthew Pacino Memorial Foundation, paid for Roland Paquette's new ride.

"Essentially, I don't have to do anything with my legs whatsoever," said Paquette. "Honestly, what do you say to something like that? Somebody built this awesome trike for me so I could ride again. They did it with really no strings attached. It's just amazing," said Paquette.

In December 2005 while in Afghanistan, Paquette was injured by a road-side IED.

"I remember like it was yesterday. All the details. It was slow motion. I ended up being a bi-lateral amputee when it was all said and done," he explained.

The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association helped transport his trike 2,100 miles from Massachusetts to San Antonio.

"We all understand for those who ride, the importance of two-wheel therapy. He shouldn't be denied that feeling because he lost his legs. It's what we do. The motto of our organization is vets helping vets. We just try to live by that creed," said Chris Aker, with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

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