HOUSTON Hurricane Katrina survivors marked the seven-year anniversary of the devastating storm with song and poetry during a gathering at the Shape Community Center in southwest Houston Wednesday night.

The event, sponsored by the New Orleans Association of Houston, attracted elected officials and community leaders who said the victims of Katrina must never be forgotten.

One survivor displayed pictures of the husband she lost in the storm.

He stayed behind to ride out the storm and he lost his life, said Elois Teno, who also lost her home.

Teno relocated to Houston but continues to be haunted by Katrina.

I live on memories, she added. It s too much emotional baggage for me.

Some survivors said Hurricane Isaac was reopening old wounds. And other survivors said they were constantly reminded about how much had been taken away.

I lost all the things that people talk about that they lost, said Doctor Mtangulizi Sanyika.

Katrina claimed the life of his mother and destroyed his home. But despite their pain, many survivors vowed to look forward.

We celebrate life, said Sanyika.

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