HOUSTON The Alamo Drafthouse, which made national news after Madonna visited the movie theater, is taking on Republican candidate for governor Greg Abbott over his latest campaign advertisement.

I can t imagine what it takes to make a movie, but I do know what effort it takes to run for governor in Texas, he says in the video.

The video shows him sitting in a crowded movie theater asking moviegoers to tweet freedom to support his campaign.

That s a big problem for the Alamo Drafthouse, which is known for kicking out talkers and texters. They even banned Madonna for texting.

They have released a counter ad, saying they will kick his ass out if he talks in their theaters. The ad asks people to tweet don t talk to keep theaters quiet.

Their CEO was quick to say they would do the same to Democratic candidate Wendy Davis if she talks in the Alamo Drafthouse theater.

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