HOUSTON An ATM security guard was shot Friday morning while waiting in his vehicle at a convenience store in southwest Houston, according to police.

Police said the three suspects may have been following the two security guards from the bank. One suspect followed one security guard into the store.

A second suspect walked up to the security guard sitting in the driver's seat and shot him in the upper chest.

Witnesses said the guard was on his radio after being shot, apparently calling for help and was even able to walk into the C-Store for help.

Henry Zamedio has a barbershop next door and saw it all.

Pop, pop, pop, pop then I think there four more shots after I realized two shots had been fired, Zamedio said.

The strip center on Richmond near Dunlavy is busy. He and another business owner did what they could.

They asked me for some towels. We put the towels on to stop the bleeding, Zamedio said.

The victim is said to be nicknamed Johnny Law.

George Buffenberger was standing outside the store and remembered, I saw Johnny sitting in his car he had a hole in chest here, upper trachea. He was hurt but he was all right, there was blood streaming.

Monica Manteca owns a washeteria in the strip center. She recounted what she saw.

He was running backwards at the same time shooting then he turns and he ran, Manteca said.

Manteca s sister was a registered nurse in Mexico. Together they tried to stop the bleeding.

Manteca asked the guard, Are you ok? Do I need to call paramedics? Talk to us. You gonna be ok? trying to keep him awake.

The guard is expected to recover. He was wearing a blue uniform with patches that resembled HPD uniform, so the call first came down mistakenly as an officer shot.

Authorities said the suspects did not get any cash.

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