On June 10, 2013, Retired Army Sgt. Alvin Roundtree walked into a medical training facility on Fort Sam Houston and shot his common-law wife Army Captain Mona McFadden at least six times.

The post was not prepared.

Since the shooting, Fort Sam Police officers have come forward saying the post was not well-equipped to handle the situation and a congressional inquiry was launched and new policies were put in place.

Click here for an interactive timeline of the events.

  • Our initial story about security failures at Ft. Sam Houston prompted a congressional inquiry which forced Ft. Sam to write memorandums of understanding with neighboring law enforcement agencies.
  • Within months, the entire command staff of Ft. Sam s police department resigned or was reassigned. This included the director of security forces, the deputy director of security forces and the department s police chief.
  • Ft. Sam Houston now has consistent active shooter training and signed service agreements with surrounding law enforcement agencies.
  • The police department has a revamped open door policy that allows officers to approach management without fear of retaliation

Roundtree pleaded guilty in March in federal court and will be sentenced later this summer.

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