HOUSTON Residents of a southwest Houston neighborhood have created a small memorial to a mother who was killed when she crashed into a tree last week.

Cindy Vanessa Melgar-Salazar died at the scene on Fondren. Her sons, ages 4 and 6, were badly hurt.

The story made national headlines after witnesses shot cell phone video of people stealing groceries and other items from the victims' car.

Residents who live nearby were appalled that such an inhumane act happened in their neighborhood.

Stealing the groceries is bad. Why would you steal someone s groceries? There are two babies in the car and a dead woman. Who would ever think like that? asked Shawn Robinson, who leaves nearby.

Stealing from the dead is weird, agreed Dequan Brown.

They were also disgusted by the witnesses who whipped out their cell phones instead of trying to help the victims.

How can you take pictures of a dead person with a baby in the car? That s awkward, Robinson said. Grow up and act like you have some sense. You need God in your life.

I would ve helped her. That s a sad thing to know that people didn t help, another neighbor said.

The children were rushed to Texas Children s Hospital and are still recovering from their injuries.

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