HOUSTON -- Cell phone video of a fatal crash scene in the 9600 block of Fondren Road is circulating after witnesses reported people stealing groceries from the dead woman's SUV.

The video doesn't show anyone actually stealing, but captures multiple people opening the doors and reaching in the car while a mother lay dead with her injured children in the back.

Houston Police said the young boys, ages 4 and 6, were strapped into seatbelts, but not in car seats.

It's very awful, very sad that someone would even go as far as to take something from an individual that's laying there just lost her life, said Pamela Barr, the witness who shot the video.

Barr said she started rolling because she originally thought the woman was injured and alone. She posted a short clip of the video on Facebook in hopes that someone who knew the woman would come to the scene and help.

Barr recorded people helping the injured boys and watched a couple of men rummage through some of the woman's things.

The man in the video said, It don't even matter.. (inaudible). His friend replied, I'm trying to get the mother (BEEP).

Barr didn't personally see anything pulled out of the vehicle, but did witness those same men load up items that landed on the road.

He went across the street and picked up the beer cans, said Barr. It was some beer cans that flew outside the vehicle.

Houston Police are still interviewing witnesses about the possible thefts. So far, no arrests have been made.

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